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Herbal Revitalizing Super Salve

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A Synergystic blend of some of the finest healing herbs and substances that the earth has to offer all in one Salve!

100% Organic, Natural and Non Gmo


Super Immune’s Super Salve is a synergistic blend of some of the most healing herbs in the world coupled with the power of Humic acid, olive fruit extract (olive oil) and shea butter.  Our Super Salve is very high in antioxidants for the soothing and healing relief and traditionally used for dry and cracked skin,  abrasions, eczema,  insect bites, muscle & joint pain, bruises, fungus (athletes foot) and more.

Ingredients: Olive oil, Shea butter, Bees wax, Hops Extract, Humic acid, Essential oils of: Clove, Cinnimon, Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Camphor. All Organic, Non GMO, Sustainably Sourced and Natural.

Hops Flower – A very powerful herb for decreasing painful swelling and inflamed pneumatic pain. Contains two antibiotic substances: humulon and lupulon, both effective on staph and other skin bacteria.

DIRECTIONS: Apply liberally and as often as needed. To be successful in rendering the full effects of this product it does require consistency of application (daily).

Customer Suggestion for foot conditioning:  Apply salve liberally to your feet, put socks on, then go to bed. When you wake up your feet will feel amazing!




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