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Fulvic IO Trace Mineral Drops

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All Natural, Gluten free, Vegan and Non GMO!

Our 8oz Fulvic IO Trace Mineral concentrate contains over 72 naturally occurring ionic trace minerals and makes 100 to 700 servings depending on personal mineral requirements.

All of our products are Glass Packed for purity and supreme sustainability



Fulvic IO Trace Mineral Drops were created to supercharge the transport of trace minerals through the body enabling maximum absorbency and cellular permeability of the minerals. Our super concentrated fulvic Acid breaks down mineral compounds and mainlines them through the body delivering 100% of these substances where it is needed most, without wasting it through digestion! DON’T BE FOOLED by Mineral, Vitamin or supplement companies into believing there is enough fulvic acid concentrate in these blended fulvic products to have the known health benefits of a purified (mineral free) fulvic acid. Fulvic is used in these products as a catalyst for transport of minerals, nutrients and vitamins. If you are searching for purified Fulvic acid effects you will need a purified Fulvic Acid product with “No Minerals or vitamins” such as our 16oz Super Immune Fulvic Acid Concentrate (also listed in our catalog CLICK HERE). If you are looking for the most superior mineral and enzymatic supplements on the market then this is the product for you!

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