Earth Pharm Inc. is located in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon.

At Earth Pharm we promote the highest quality of natural and organic products for your body and health. We specialize in humic & fulvic acid products because our daughter was born with immune system difficulties in 2006' and is allergic to almost everything. We started using fulvic and humic products to help these issues and they worked so well that our whole family started using them for detoxification, allergies and as an anti-inflammatory to name a few. These products have helped us so much that we created Earth Pharm so we can share them with the community and the world. Every product has endured over 10 years of relevant use by our family, friends and local community to include naturopathic clinics throughout the Northwest and have endured scrupulous research and testing from various analytical laboratories.

"Super Immune" to our family is the ability to withstand the toxic elements of the earth that we live on and optimize our immunity in a natural, sustainable way. Our world is not getting any less toxic so please join us in seeking natural elements such as fulvic & humic acids and other natural products that were put on this earth for purpose to keep our families strong so we can live long, healthy and prosperous lives.

Our mission is to help others find these products and this information to build strong and healthy communities for generations to come. Every purchase of Super Immune product gives a donation to the Make A Wish Foundation of America.

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