Earth Pharm Labs is currently searching the U.S for small manufacturers that make the Best Natural Products and dietary supplements available. If you think you make an awesome Natural product or supplement that really works! Please contact us. If it will pass our analytical lab and case trial testing and we Love it, we will submit your product for distribution. For all wholesale inquiries use the Contact Us link. Now open to the general public, visit our shop!

natural products dietary supplement distribution

Natural product & Dietary Supplement Distribution
Your product out to the masses, creating Huge leverage to sell your product everywhere and anywhere!

  • Do you have a truly “Awesome” Natural Product or Dietary Supplement that you want to get out to the world?
  • Do you want to see if your product will  be a best selling product? If you are like most entrepreneurial natural product formulators and have passion for what you do then that is definitely your goal!
  • But how do you do it? How do you get your product out into the mainstream where your theories can be tested on the millions of consumers that yearn to buy “New” Natural & Organic Products?

At Earth Pharm Labs we have the answers to all of these questions and the natural product distribution engine to make it happen. We love local and sustainable natural products and want to use our resources to take your small business and product to the next level!

*Don’t have a finished product? i.e UPC, Professional FDA approved label, Nice packaging etc.

We Can Also Help:
– Create a professional FDA approved label
– Engineer nice non contaminating product packaging/ Non Petro
– Generate & License a UPC code
– Product Branding and consumer reviews
– Product analytic Review & Lab testing
– Outsource/ Co-pack manufacturing
– Ground floor to finished product distribution

Contact us today to find out how our distribution program works and what it can do for your product, idea or business. Click Here: CONTACT US


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